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A message from Willy Riguera:

First and foremost, let me say, Thank you for visiting our website and for choosing our company.

I have worked as a firefighter for quite some time. One thing that I have learned in my line of duty is that safety is everything. Whether it is when driving a car or buying/living in a home.  Let me say that I have seen my share of incidents that could have been avoided if the proper care was taken. This is why it is so essential that homeowners get their properties inspected, especially if it is a newly purchased home. The last thing you want is some hidden surprise, that will reveal itself later. Those surprises can be quite costly or in some cases deadly, we surely would like to avoid that.

At On Point Inspections of Florida, we are not just your average inspector, we come with decades of experience.  We are a company that takes pride in our work and one that is very detail oriented.  To us, family is everything, and the safety of those families that we have chosen to serve is our top priority.

Our Company:

* We are a family-owned and operated company based out of Broward County Florida
* We service the Tri-County area.
* We have a 5 star rating on Google from our clients.
* We never subcontract our jobs and always show up on time.
* Our Reports are easy to read and very detailed.
* We also offer Wind mitigation, 4 Point Inspections, and swimming pool inspections.

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