A better understanding to what a Home Inspection is:

Purchasing the perfect new home for those whom you love can be overwhelming; we are here to shed some light on an otherwise stressful situation. The #1 reason would be to have some insight and education on your property. A good home inspector can point out problems that may be masked by shady construction. We at On Point Inspections of Fl, have a true understanding of your concerns. Our professional staff can lead you in the right direction to make sure that the home you are buying is sound and stable, and not just a pretty façade. This is the future home of you and your family, so we believe it must be right from the start.

New Home

Wood Rot

Water Damage

Old Plumbing

Safety Concerns

We look past the fresh paint and landscaping, we are more interested in what’s lies underneath such as; wood rot due to termites, water damage, safety concerns, and/or old outdated plumbing. Whatever it is that we uncover, rest assured we will find it and include it our report. We also inspect the appliances, although a home inspection is not a guarantee, we are able to estimate the life expectancy of any appliance whether it be a stove, water heater, or washer and dryer. We do our best to make sure that there are no big, hidden surprises. We understand how important this could be to your family and your finances, thus we strive to do an accurate job to the best of our ability.

One thing to remember homes are not the same. They all built different, throughout the years with different roofs configuration which plays a big rolls on how strong winds affect you home. Codes are always changing. After Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida codes were put in motion to protect homes better. Now we have windborne rated windows and doors. They also have stricter codes for new roof application. That’s why we recommend having all the permits readily available to include all the necessary information in our reports. If you don’t have the permits we always go the extra mile and look for them online. Please do not hesitate to call us with inquiries or to schedule your appointment with us.

Do not take a gamble on unqualified, inexperienced home inspectors.
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